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The Club of Real Estate Investors of Quebec is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by Mr. Jacques Lépine. Proud of its 31,000 members and 63,000 Facebook fans, it is the network forming the largest number of millionaires in Quebec since 2001.

Its goal is to enable both beginners, intermediate and seasoned real estate investors to have access to several resources that will help them reach their own goals faster.

The Club is dedicated solely to training and networking and does not at any time ask for the savings of people in order to invest in projects. This is in fact what sets it apart and is its strength. The Club has contributed in making investors financially independent through real estate more than anyone else in Quebec.

Its formula is tailored to the reality of Quebec in terms of funding, taxation, laws and regulations as well as the available tools.

It is headed by its President Yvan-Cournoyer and Mr. Jacques Lépine, the founder. They have over 55 years of experience as real estate investors to their account and 35 years of experience as expert coaches and trainers.

While hoping to have the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams through real estate, which we believe is the best investment in the world,

We wish you all Success!


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