Achieve your goals faster with our 60-hour coaching and mentoring program specifically tailored for real estate investment in Quebec.

A unique formula that has proven effective since 2005!

Find out why more than 4500 people have joined this coaching and mentoring program to date. Would you like to embark on real estate, acquire buildings for your retirement, change jobs or quickly make a living from it? This program is for you!

The benefits of coaching and mentoring

– You will benefit from coaching through personalised follow up.
– Coaching will help you stay focused.
– You will benefit from the experience of successful people.
– You will reduce your chances of making costly mistakes.
– You will increase your chances of making good deals.
– You will save a lot of time.
– Do some networking and maybe find partners.
– Enjoy group synergy, make contacts, and find potential partners.
– Have access to a confidential group on Facebook where only coaching and mentoring members can participate. You will find that the spirit of the group is incredible!
– You will have access to the contact details of every participant as well as their areas of search and the types of buildings sought. A nice way to be referred to deals.
– You can retake two days of training free of charge.

Mentoring has been existing from time immemorial. In order to help those who wish to quickly succeed with certainty if they implement the teachings, and being aware of the cost linked with purely private mentoring, we have developed a more affordable group mentoring programme. All you need to know about real estate investment will be taught with a monthly personal follow-up on each person’s progress.

Each month you will learn a specific item concerning real estate investment including:

• The explaining of several creative financing techniques with the handing of a model.
• A site visit afternoon with a specialist
• Dozens of bargain search techniques.
• Tools tailored to the reality of Quebec.
• The setting of goals, developing a plan and a suitable investment strategy.
• Optimizing your credit.
• The assessment of buildings according to your investment criteria.
• Developing success-oriented habits.
• You building an investment machine.
• How to negotiate a win-win deal
• How to make creative purchase offers.
• Bank financing.
• Visiting buildings with the eyes of an inspector.
• How to succeed in every one of your conversion into condos flips.
• Group investment.
• Your one million plan
• How to properly manage your buildings.
• Stay “focused” on your goals.
• Develop self-confidence to become a good investor.

And many other items.

At each monthly meeting

One or more experts will teach you their speciality. You will also be given practical exercises in the course of the month.


Spread over a 10-month period and at the rate of a one-day meeting per month, the 60-hour programme is designed to ensure that each participant is guided in a methodical, structured and supervised manner in their personal real estate investment plan.


5 hours of mentoring that you can take at any time during the coaching. Mentoring can be by phone or in person (i.e. at your deal location).

Time management and freelancers online classes.

10 VIP passes (40$) for the monthly events.

The results

After 10 courses, you will know more about real estate investment than most successful investors know after many years of activity. You will have acquired all the knowledge, assurance, skills, and contacts you will need in your journey as a SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR. If during training you find buildings that you are interested in purchasing, we could guide you through the whole process.


when you become

a member of the Club

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We are very confident that you will enjoy our course to the extent that if you aren’t satisfied after the first training, we will refund the course with no questions asked!

Registering for the next coaching and mentoring group or for more information

Please contact us at 438-771-4754 between 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Do you want different results? Do things differently!

• The art of preparing creative purchase offers
• Negotiation for everyone
• Introduction to real estate taxation
• Everything you need to check before buying a building;
• Market analysis and investment strategies
• The ABC of property management
• Group investment
• My one million plan one building at a time

During the 10 courses, our team of coaches will help you achieve your goals because they are all experts in their field. Whether it’s for:

• The buying of buildings without cash through extra-creative financing
• Profitability assessments and analysis of income-generating properties
• Flipping
• Looking for deals and motivated sellers to sell at a discount
• Tax advice
• Creative purchase offers
• Building inspections
• Extreme optimization of your credit
• New constructions
• Converting to condos
• The management of buildings
• Challenging municipal assessments
• Developing an action plan
• Your credit bureaus studies
• Investment strategies
• Assessing a transaction
• Bank pre-qualifications
• Hidden defects
• Negotiation
• Tax audits
• Rooming houses
• Bank financing

You will be properly assisted and guided in your undertakings throughout this coaching and mentoring programme. Like many people before you who have taken action, this coaching and mentoring will change your life forever.

Remember, we are very confident that you will enjoy our course to the extent that if you aren’t satisfied after our first encounter, we will refund the course with no questions asked!