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How to optimize overpriced properties into a deal


***In person training in Montreal OR online via zoom in real Time OR RECORDED training available 24/7***

Do you think the majority of current properties for sale are expensive?

You are right!

Do you feel like there aren’t any deals to be had? You are wrong!

Do you know that last year in Quebec, 1681 multi-housing deals were made? So why are certain investors able to purchase and make a profit while others simply aren’t?

Various factors explain this, but it comes down to:

  • A poor understanding of the local market which leads to the inability to identify opportunities.
  • An inability to perform the correct profitability analysis technique.
  • A lack of understanding of oneself that allows unconscious fears to take control, which then creates analysis paralysis.
  • An inability to take action which would have lead to concrete results.

Succeeding in real estate goes beyond the numbers! It’s also a question of vision, attitude and confidence.

To help provide you with the confidence to purchase additional properties and make better deals, the Club is offering a new 3-hour training where our experts will teach you, in a simple and straightforward style, how to complete your profitability analysis with the help of Cruncher 3.0. This is a powerful tool that will be explained and offered to you as a bonus during the training. The value of this tool is $299.

You will learn based on real cases:

  • How to considerably increase the revenue of your properties with some tips and tricks
  • How to cut your expenses
  • How to become an expert in your industry in order to be able to recognize opportunities
  • Understand various ratios and criteria from the banks and SCHL
  • How to analyse results and indicators that will help determine if you should move forward with the process
  • How to optimize your income properties to further enrich yourself
  • Things that should be taken into consideration in order to make clear decisions
  • Learn from the experienced trainer who creates deals from properties that at first seem too expensive!

This training, the result of solid, in the field experience, is designed to help you make a profit at the time of purchase. Our 12 coaches, who have already purchased more than 2450 properties combined have done it, you can too!


Jean-Philippe Claude, eng
Jean-Philippe Claude, eng
President & Coach
An engineer by training, Jean-Philippe got hooked on real estate when he bought in 2011 his first triplex. After several trainings, he bought more than 150 apartments in just 4… Read more

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