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Day Training Flips Income Rentals

RE 101: Financial independence through real estate

6 hours
Premium member $359,55

Did you know that real estate can be divided into two components? One involving flips that will enable you quickly generate cash, and the other involving accumulation, which will make you rich in the long run. By owning income-generating buildings, you will be able to build a fleet of buildings, generate passive income and achieve financial independence. You will be the master of your time since your assets will work for you, instead of you working for money. Find out how to get 6 hours of training and $150 in additional bonuses for only $200.

During this introduction to purchasing income-generating buildings without cash, you will learn the best tricks, advice, techniques, and neat tricks in order to achieve financial independence.


During these 6 hours of training, our specialist will teach you:

  • How credit works and how to get more out of it;
  • How to locate buildings below their value through 33 search techniques;
  • Various techniques to purchase without cash;
  • How to determine the value of a building of 6 or more dwellings according to the technique used by accredited appraisers;
  • How to become a millionaire one building at a time (an Excel spreadsheet will be presented and given to you);
  • 1001 ways to succeed in real estate;
  • How to make a profit at purchase and instantly get rich;
  • How to identify possible sources of money in order to buy with other people’s money;
  • The ABC of purchase offers;
  • Site visits;

In real estate, just one thing learned and implemented can make tens of thousands of dollars for you. Imagine the tremendous value of this 6-hour training with a rich content.

6 BONUS GIFTS worth $270 given on the spot during the training

BONUS 1 : GIFT CERTIFICATES of $50 each, applicable to our personalised training

BONUS 2 : 3 VIP PASSES FOR TWO PEOPLE   worth $40 each to attend one of our 19 monthly networking events in Montreal or Quebec

Dates and Locations

May 25th at Montreal
| 09:00 am to 04:00 pm
Courtyard by Marriott | Montreal Airport
Courtyard by Marriott | Montreal Airport
7000 Place Robert-Joncas

Montreal, QC, H4M 2Z5