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Winning at Property Management in Quebec



As a real estate investor, you will inevitably end up managing rental property, or hiring someone else to do so. Whether you plan to manage your investments yourself, or to hire a manager, you need to grasp the basics of running real estate for profit.

This is the key to building cash flow!

This course takes the guess-work out of property management especially in Quebec, where tenancy laws are some of the most tenant-friendly in the country.

You will learn how to effectively set up your rental properties from top to bottom, and become equipped to pursue the ultimate goal of real estate investing: solid, trouble-free cash flow.

You will learn how to:

  • Maximize building revenues
  • Understand and lower building expenses
  • Effectively screen tenants to avoid problems before they happen
  • Structure leases to your advantage
  • Deal with typical problem-situations
  • Create a renovation & maintenance game-plan to protect your investment
  • Implement time-saving strategies that minimize headaches and risks


Terrie Schauer
Terrie Schauer
Terrie is an investor, a property manager, and a real estate broker. She spent twenty years getting income properties in three different cities to cash-flow, both for her and for… Read more