Affiliate program

Generating income with the REIC

Do you know people interested in real estate? Refer them to the qualifying training of the REIC affiliate programmes and generate additional revenue.
Join the programme; it’s SIMPLE, FAST and FREE!

Qualifying training

Intensive week-end: $95/participant referred
Corporate member: $95/member referred
$399.50 Training: $50/participant referred
$199.50 Training: $25/participant referred
For example:

You refer 10 participants to the “Real Estate 101” course
10 X $50 = $500

You refer 5 participants to the “Quickly make a living from real estate through FLIPPING” training
5 X $25 = $125

Unlimited income

With CIIQ’s affiliate programme, you will be able to unlimitedly increase your income. It’s simple, the more you refer people to the qualifying training program, the more money you make.
Take note: A person can only be referred once. The person mustn’t have undergone training before.

For example:

If you refer Mr. Powell to the training on Flipping, you can’t refer him for another training again. You can however refer him as a corporate member. When and how will you be paid?

$399.50 and $199.50 Trainings:

You will receive your cheque by mail in the week following the training.
Have you referred a member who later became a partner? You will receive your cheque as soon as the paiement is received.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity and wish you all success.

To register, you must be a member and call us to request your affiliate membership number.

Montreal and surrounding areas: 1-888-679-0261

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