Become A Local Deal Hub with Andrew Lucas
25 January 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Become A Local Deal Hub with Andrew Lucas


In this episode, investor Andrew Lucas tells us how he built his real estate business in Columbia, South Carolina. Never been to South Carolina? Don’t worry – you will want to hear how Andrew built his network! In this episode, he shares how he went from being a hotel manager with NO Real Estate network, to acting as a hub for Real Estate deals in his community. 

When Andrew pivoted his career, he was concerned about starting from zero. He began by hosting a small local Meet-Up. Since then, he’s built his business around making connections and becoming the go-to-guy for deals in his local community.

Some of the secrets to his success: 

  • Connection. Andrew believes that by being honest, personable and taking care of your network will keep you top of mind. He shares strategies for how to do this. 
  • Build trust through Social media. Andrew is very active on Facebook. It allows him to be the go-to-guy in the neighborhoods he targets. Learn how he did it. 
  • Be People Focused. Take an honest interest in people. Ask what they’re about and make your business all about how you can help them. 

Looking for connections? Try some of Andrew’s strategies:

  • Join Meet-Up and host your own event. 
  • Host a morning coffee Meet-Up. 
  • In general, the more you take a real interest in people, the more your business will pay dividends!

Don’t miss the rest of Andrew’s valuable tips! Tune into this week’s episode of the Real Estate Investor’s Club Podcast. 

What we learned from Andrew Lucas and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • The proven strategies that enabled Andrew to skyrocket his rental property portfolio from 5 to 35 houses in just 2 years.
  • Andrew’s Winning Business Model. 
  • Andrew’s Deal-Hunting Tactics: The Tricks and Tips for Finding the Best Deals
  • The Name of the Game: How building connections can help you score the best real estate deals
  • How to build a strong professional network as a real estate investor.
  • Andrew’s lifestyle hit.
  • The things we should be talking about that we’re not talking about in the real estate field. 

Success Quotes:

“Open your mind and your eyes to the fact that there are deals everywhere.” -Andrew Lucas


00:00 – Intro

00:44 – Andrew talks about a little bit about his journey through life that has led him to become a real estate investor.

04:05 – Get the Inside Scoop on Andrew’s one-of-a-kind rental deal — see the real numbers and learn how he secured the financing.

07:10 – Andrew imparts his knowledge and expertise on the subject of how to effectively and efficiently identify and secure profitable property deals. 

10:27 – Andrew shares his strategies and methods for building and maintaining a professional network as a real estate investor. 

15:39 – Andrew recounts a weird and crazy story he had as an investor. 

18:59 – Andrew speaks about the lifestyle changes they endured as new real estate investors.

24:35 – Andrew shares his take on the things we should be talking about that we’re not talking about. 

29:02 – Ways to connect with Andrew.

29:37 – Outro

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