Can A Realtor’s License Help You Invest?
21 December 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Can A Realtor’s License Help You Invest?


Think realtors can only make money through commissions? Think again! In this interview, our guest, Gary Wilson, tells us how to leverage a realtor’s license while building an investment portfolio.

Better yet–did you know that 34% of transactions in Canada are done by investors, while only a very small percentage of Real Estate brokers work with investors effectively? If you’re a broker and you want to tap into this lucrative market-segment, this show is for you! 

Gary is the author of the book, Global Investor Agent, founder of My Investment Services, a coach, and a licensed real estate broker. Gary has coached many brokers on how to serve investors for their brokerage needs, while growing a rental property portfolio of their own. 

So, yes–a real estate broker’s license can help you become a successful real estate investor. You just have to understand where the links are. As you become better at serving your clients, you will gain the knowledge you need to invest effectively yourself. 

Don’t miss this episode to find out how! 

What we learned from Gary Wilson in this episode:

  • How to work with investors — learning how to invest while working as a broker.
  • Gary’s business model — how agents should collaborate with investors to produce high profitable income and investments. 
  • Gary’s book: Global Investor Agent: How Do You Thrive Not Just Survive In A Market Shift?
  • How the Healing House Foundation helps the community. 
  • The things we aren’t talking about in the real estate industry that we should.

Success Quotes:

“What I recognize is investors are inherently entrepreneurial.” – Gary Wilson

“Form a community of investors around you.” – Gary Wilson

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” – Gary Wilson

“Right now the need is for affordable housing.”  – Gary Wilson


00:00 – Intro

00:50 – Gary talks about a little bit about his journey through life that has led him to become a real estate investor.

04:46 – Gary explains his business model, including the tips and tricks that make it successful.

08:37 – Gary teaches us the next step after earning a real estate license.

17:41 – Gary talks about his book, Global Investor Agent, and some of the training materials he has developed for real estate investors.

20:17 – Gary introduces his podcast. 

23:26 – Gary discusses things we aren’t talking about in the real estate industry that we should.

26:20 – Gary talks about the work of Healing House Foundation and the positive effect it is having on the community.

30:07 – Ways to connect with Gary. 

31:21 – Outro 

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Youtube: Real Estate with Gary Wilson

Podcast: Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast 

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