Griffin Milks – Why Invest in Secondary Markets?
2 November 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Griffin Milks – Why Invest in Secondary Markets?


Some real estate investors overlook secondary markets, but not Griffin Milks! With growing challenges to affordability and profitability in Real Estate, secondary markets can be a solution. 

Join us in this episode as Griffin Milks, a Personal Finance YouTuber & a Real Estate Investor, shares his incredible journey as a real estate investor — from his first mistake as an investor and how he used it as a lesson to leverage his portfolio. 

Experienced investors and newbies alike have something to learn about how to succeed in secondary markets.

Enjoy listening!

What we learned from Griffin Milks in this episode:

  • The importance of network-building and studying in real estate. 
  • Griffin’s current business model.
  • How to leverage your profit through Forced Appreciation.
  • The advantages of secondary markets over primary markets.
  • How to leverage your portfolio in secondary markets.
  • Highly effective and practical advice to people who are interested in investing in the current financial market. 

Success Quotes:

“Identify a strategy and then stick to it. Identify something that works for you and do at least a couple of deals before venturing out to other things. ” -Griffin Milks

“You need to be able to think outside the box and go find something that’s going to work for you.” -Griffin Milks


00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Griffin talks about a little bit about his journey through life that has led him to become a real estate investor.

07:00 – Griffin advises network-building and studying your chosen field as important first steps for investors.

08:30 – Griffin shares his current business model.

11:45 – Griffin explains what forced appreciation is, how it helped him leverage his portfolio, and why other investors should consider using this strategy.

15:55 – Griffin shares some very good advice to people who are interested in investing in the current financial market. 

19:41 – How does inflation affect the secondary markets? 

21:22 – What’s the situation in Gatineau? 

24:49 – Griffin compares what it’s like in secondary markets compared to primary markets. 

27:04 – In this real estate investment space in Canada, what should we be talking about that we’re not talking about? 

31:44 – Ways to connect with Griffin Milks.

32:49 – Outro

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