How to Build Real Estate Partnerships w/ Mederic Pomerleau
26 October 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

How to Build Real Estate Partnerships w/ Mederic Pomerleau


One of the choices Real Estate investors face is whether to work solo or to work in partnerships. There are pros and cons associated with each path and in this interview, Mederic Pomerleau, a real estate investor and a partner of Solution Succès Groupe Immobillier tells us about the pluses of being part of a partnership team. 

More importantly–for those who do want to try partnership–he shares his secret formula for building awesome synergies with partners. For bonus value, Mederic also tells us about how to take advantage of the submarkets, and how to create highly effective exit strategies. 

Enjoy listening!

What we learned from Mederic Pomerleau in this episode:

  • How to create a business model that can take advantage of the sub-markets. 
  • The strategies for real estate investors to survive economic downturns.
  • How to overcome carrying costs using the current programs. 
  • Highly effective exit strategies. 
  • The secret sauce to building a highly collaborative team. 

Success Quotes:

“What we realized analyzing rental markets also plus value markets is that a secondary market is much less effective from a recession in terms of cap rate.” -Mederic Pomerleau

“Vendors are becoming more creative. So, it’s your responsibility as a buyer to also become more creative.” -Mederic Pomerleau

“Try to look at areas that you’ve never looked at because there are some areas that are very interesting and still have enormous amounts of potential.”  -Mederic Pomerleau

“Your values need to be aligned with your partner’s values” -Mederic Pomerleau


00:00 – Intro

01:00 – Mederic talks about his journey to becoming a real estate investor.

08:52 – Mederic explains why he chose to be an investor instead of a broker.

11:41 – Mederic explains why he decided to build a team instead of working alone as an investor.

16:11 – Mederic hates Montreal? Let’s hear his reasoning as he shares the business model for his company.

21:56 – Mederic shares some timely advice for real estate investors who want to continue to stay active in these difficult economic times.

24:11 – Mederic explains how you can stay afloat despite the enormous carrying costs. 

27:56 – Mederic reveals his secret sauce when it comes to collaborating effectively. 

31:31 – Ways to connect with Mederic Pomerleau.

31:46 – Outro 

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