How to Grow Your Real Estate Network
23 November 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

How to Grow Your Real Estate Network


Networking is maybe the most important soft skill for real estate investing. Through networking you can learn from others, gain new partners, find deals and promote your business.

Join us in this episode with Dustin Heiner, founder at and a network-building expert, to discover why networking is important for every real estate investor.

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What we learned from Dustin Heiner in this episode:

  • How network-building can make your real estate journey so much easier. 
  • What’s with the Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference 2023 (REWBCON23)? 
  • How introverted investors can build and leverage their professional networks.

Success Quotes:

“Life gets so much easier when we’re all helping each other out.” -Dustin Heiner 

“There are people out there that want to help each other out. You just need to know how to find them.” -Dustin Heiner 

“My goal is to build a community and you can only do that with givers.” -Dustin Heiner 


00:00 – Intro

01:19 – Dustin discusses how his network has enabled him to succeed.

07:10 – Dustin shares how he has built his network and his upcoming conference with Terrie.

13:14 – Dustin talks about the exciting and valuable information that can be gained from his upcoming conference.

15:14 – Dustin, a network-building expert, offers tips on how introverted investors can leverage their professional networks.

20:59 – Ways to connect with Dustin and how to join his exciting upcoming conference. 

22:48 – Outro

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