How to Quit Being Just Over Broke (JOB) with Dustin Heiner
8 September 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

How to Quit Being Just Over Broke (JOB) with Dustin Heiner


What if your boss tells you today is your last day at work? Do you have a backup plan? Will you be able to handle the finances? Things can go sideways fast when you lose your JOB!

This is what happened to Dustin Heiner, our guest on this week’s show. He realized the importance of real estate investing when he lost his day job. Since then, Dustin has been on a mission to help everyone quit their job and NEVER have one again.

Want to know how he did it?

Join us in the episode as he shows us the ultimate guide on how to invest in real estate as a beginner. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

What we learned from Dustin Heiner in this episode:

  • From IT to Real Estate Investing — a look at how Dustin became his own boss! 
  • Why is Property Manager your number one asset? 
  • What gurus get wrong about real estate investing. (… a look at Dustin’s definitive guide on how you should manage your investment.)
  • How to invest in the US? (… let’s find out the different methods that will give you the direction you need to create passive income.)
  • How to use Zillow to find properties.
  • Different ways to get your financing. (… mortgage, cash, commercial loan, other people’s money and many more!) 

Success Quotes:

“It is more risky to put your family’s livelihood, being able to feed them, in somebody else’s hands.” -Dustin Heiner

“The property managers are by far your number one asset in your business.” -Dustin Heiner


00:00 – Intro

01:18 – From IT to real estate — Dustin shares his professional journey.

10:38 – Dustin provides great advice on how you can avoid his mistake. 

12:39 – How to find deals and financing? Dustin shares his secrets on how to scale your real estate investment. 

17:05 – Dustin shares his tips and tricks to anyone who is interested in investing in real estate in the US.

24:09 – Why are property managers by far your number one asset in your business?

25:54 – What is the second most important asset? 

28:54 – Ways to connect with Dustin Heiner. 

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