Is Trailer-Park Investing a Good Idea?
29 November 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Is Trailer-Park Investing a Good Idea?


Mobile Homes Doesn’t Have to Mean Trailor-Trash!

In this episode, Terrie engages in a captivating conversation with Adrian Smude—mobile home maestro and all-round fascinating investor! Brace yourself for an enlightening experience as Adrian unveils the highs and lows of his real estate rollercoaster. From a humble beginning being a tenant-from-hell himself to finally striking gold with mobile homes, you don’t want to miss Adrian’s story.

The convo takes a personal turn when Adrian reflects on the sacrifices and lifestyle hits he took to build his real estate empire. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, folks!

Don’t miss this episode where real estate wisdom meets a tale of resilience and success! 

What we learned from Adrian Smude and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • Unlocking Excellence: Where Property Management Takes Center Stage
  • Ignite Your Inner Trailblazer: The Definitive Manual for Innovation and Distinctiveness
  • Discover the Surprising Power of Sacrifice on the Road to Unstoppable Success
  • Networking Secrets That Can Catapult Your Success to New Heights
  • Master the Art of Long-Term Vision: Your Blueprint for Lasting Success
  • Crack the Code to Success: Why Adaptability is Your Ultimate Game-Changer

Notable Words From The Episode: 

I think we, as human beings, like have a tendency to assume something, you get disappointed, and then you attribute bad intentions to the person who’s sitting across the table from you

 – Terrie Schauer


And I have found that if I do my Miracle Morning, so it’s about an hour and a half, it’s reading, it’s not business stuff, it’s getting my mindset right to be positive and happy in my own mind, then the business becomes a lot easier

– Adrian Smude


[00:00] Podcast intro

[01:07] Adrian discussed his real estate journey, from being a troublesome tenant at 20 to becoming a successful mobile home investor.

[05:38] Adrian discussed his experience managing properties.

[09:00] Adrian explores the importance of property management in real estate

[12:04] Terrie delves into the human tendency to make assumptions.

[12:57] Adrian discussed three ways to invest in mobile homes

[18:55]  Adrian discusses the profitability of older and newer mobile homes

[22:22] Terrie and Adrian discuss Adrian’s unique approach in the mobile home space.

[25:26]  Adrian reflects on the sacrifices and lifestyle hits he took to build his real estate business

[29:28] Terrie and Adrian discusses the importance of finding a routine that works for personal well-being and business productivity.

[32:54] Terrie and Adrian’s discussion touched on concerns about the affordable housing space and the challenges of adding housing to it from a business perspective.

[39:55] Podcast Outro

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