Kevin Engel – How to Invest in Central Alberta
9 November 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Kevin Engel – How to Invest in Central Alberta


In the past, investors have paid close attention to primary markets, whereas secondary markets were generally under-appreciated. However, due to the effects of the recent economic downturn, the pandemic, and inflation, investors are now taking a renewed interest in the secondary market.

How are you going to carve out a portion of the seemingly booming secondary market?

We got you covered! Join us in this episode as we have our guest Kevin Engel, Optometrist, Real Estate Investor, Co-author of the book, Bounce Back to Success, walks us through on how to invest in Central Alberta

Enjoy listening!

What we learned from Kevin Engel in this episode:

  • How the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad inspires Kevin to become a real estate investor. 
  • How to make your first deal happen. 
  • Kevin’s business model in Alberta. 
  • How to effectively increase your borrowing power. 
  • Kevin’s book Bounce Back to Success: How to Steer Through and Overcome Adversity
  • Alberta’s current market situation. (… learn how a non-Albertan investor capitalize on Alberta’s market.)
  • Strategies for managing your finances, even if you have multiple properties.

Success Quotes:

“We all go through times of challenge. At least in my life, I’ve had a few curve balls thrown at me, and usually during those defining moments is when you can make a change.” -Kevin Engel


00:00 – Intro

00:57 – Kevin talks about a little bit about his journey through life that has led him to become a real estate investor.

04:11 – Kevin describes how his first deal happened. 

06:36 – Kevin shares what his business model looks like in Alberta. 

10:37 – Kevin reveals the proven strategies he has used to manage his finances, despite having multiple properties.

13:35 – What is Alberta’s market looking like currently?

19:17 – How can a non-Albertan investor capitalize on Alberta’s market?

21:29 – Kevin talks about his book Bounce Back to Success

26:33 – Kevin shares what motivates him, and how he plans to continue growing as an investor.

29:01 – Ways to connect with Kevin Engel. 

Connect with Kevin Engel here: 



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