Master the Phone, Real Estate Investor!
6 December 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Master the Phone, Real Estate Investor!


From Fear to Focus: The Entrepreneurial Evolution!

Join Terrie in an engaging conversation with Brian O’Neill, an entrepreneur with a rich 25-year corporate career. In this episode, Brian shares his journey, highlighting the pivotal moment when his son’s emotions about his frequent business travels became a turning point in his life.

Brian dispels the misconception that entrepreneurship is reserved for a select few. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of evaluating one’s peer group for personal growth—a critical lesson learned through years of experience.

Don’t miss this episode packed with entrepreneurial wisdom, personal reflections, and the realities behind the journey to success!

What we learned from Brian O’Neill and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • “Life’s Playlist: When the Turning Point hits, let the Revelation be your favorite track
  • Hustle Hurdles: Don’t let the Entrepreneurial Misconception be the roadblock to your success story
  • Squad Goals Alert: Elevate your journey with some Peer Group Evaluation to unlock your true potential
  • Chasing Brilliance: Beware the Shiny Object Syndrome Mistake—sometimes the brightest path is the one right in front of you
  • Brick by Brick Realities: Navigating the maze of Real Estate Business Challenges to build your success story
  • Business Zen: Master the art of Avoiding Distractions, turning focus into your secret weapon for success

Notable Words From The Episode: 

Wealth is something that happens incrementally over a long period of time. And so if you just stick with it, you’ll end up winning 100%

 – Terrie Schauer


If I want to leave my nine-to-five job, I won’t associate with people who don’t want to leave theirs

– Brian O’Neill


[00:00] Podcast intro

[01:15] Brian discussed his 25-year corporate career.

[04:43] Brian reflects on the turning point in his life when his son expressed fear and sadness about his frequent business travels.

[07:046] Brian discusses the misconception that one needs to be a special breed to be an entrepreneur.

[09:05] Terrie and Brian discuss the critical importance of evaluating one’s peer group for personal growth

[11:42] Brian discusses his background in cold calling and the fear associated with not knowing what to say when calling sellers.

[15:42]  Terrie and Brian discuss the challenges of dealing with pushy buyers and the importance of engaging sellers in a conversational manner

[21:32] Brian discusses a significant mistake he made in succumbing to “shiny object syndrome” within his real estate business

[24:47]  Brian emphasizes the challenging nature of the real estate business

[26:33] Brian and Terrie discuss the importance of being more transparent and vulnerable about the challenging aspects of entrepreneurship

[30:07] Podcast Outro

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5 Steps To Master The Phone In 90 Days: Why You’re Scared Of The Phone And How To Overcome It

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