Sacrifice For Success: What Pays?
4 January 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Sacrifice For Success: What Pays?


In the era of Instagram feeds, no one talks about lifestyle hits. What are these? 

Lifestyle hits are sacrifices we make on the road to success. They’re moments where we choose to forego some short term gratification in the name of long term goals. 

It’s simply not realistic to believe you can build yourself up as a Real Estate Investor without taking lifestyle bits.

That’s the subject of this episode. Terrie talks to Griffin Milks for a second time to air off-camera material. Terrie and Griffin share their personal experiences of sacrifice in the name of Real Estate success. They talk about common lifestyle hits investors take at different times in their lives, and discuss how sacrifices might not look the same at 25 as they do at 45.  

Join us to learn how delaying gratification pays!

What we learned from Griffin Milks and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • The lifestyle hits we need to make in order to become successful real estate investors.
  • How to reduce your expenses as an investor. 
  • How to enter the real estate world when you’re in your late 30’s or mid 40’s.
  • The two best methods for learning how to invest in real estate.
  • The pros and cons of being on a joint venture. 
  • The importance of having the right property manager in your rental property. 
  • Mindful Landlord: Best ways to generate income without spending most of your waking hours trapped in the hamster wheel.
  • How to create a generational wealth through real estate investing. 
  • The effects of the online world to young investors. 

Success Quotes:

“At the beginning, there’s no other way to start building financial momentum than cutting back on expenses.” – Griffin Milks

“You need to take everything you see on the internet with a grain of salt.” – Griffin Milks


00:00 – Intro

01:23 – Griffin discusses his experience with the lifestyle hit he took during the early days of his real estate investing journey. 

05:22 – Terrie shares her own lifestyle hit during her early days of investing in real estate.

06:28 – Griffin and Terrie discuss their best investment tips (… learn how to reduce your expenses based on their own experience.)

11:29 – Terrie shares some useful tips for those entering the real estate industry, especially those who are in their late 30s or mid 40s.

14:37 – Terrie discusses two ways to learn more about investing in real estate.

16:32 – Terrie talks about her joint venture experiences.

20:23 – Griffin and Terrie discuss the importance of having a property manager in your rental property. 

24:03 – Terrie shares the content of her book “Mindful Landlord”. 

26:53 – Griffin and Terrie discuss the long-term potential of real estate as a source of wealth.

32:46 – Griffin talks about the effects of the online world to young investors. 

38:40 – Ways to connect with Griffin. 

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