Sacrificing the Good to Gain the Great – Josh Parish’s Law of Personal Transformation
16 August 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Sacrificing the Good to Gain the Great – Josh Parish’s Law of Personal Transformation


Have you ever wondered what creates resilience? Or how your mindset can be a catalyst for change?

This week’s guest, Josh Parish, Real Estate investor-turned-personal-transformation coach has spent years mapping these topics and he shares them in this conversation with Terrie. 

For Josh, every “no” is like a hidden treasure map. He shares how to become proficient at the art of turning setbacks into setups for success. 

Please enjoy the latest episode of the Real Estate Investors Club podcast. This one’s a game-changer! 

What we learned from Josh Parish and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • How the Rock-Solid Foundation of Exceptional Progress Truly Lies in the Power of Our Empowering Mindset
  • The Choice and Resilience Needed for Astonishing Personal Transformation
  • The Surprising Secret Lies in Prioritizing Your Health and Well-being.
  • Journey Fueled by Wholehearted Dedication to Growth, Sometimes Requiring Farewells to the Familiar.
  • The Power of Calculated Risks for Astounding Personal and Professional Metamorphosis.
  •  recognizing that each “no” brings you closer to uncovering hidden gems of opportunity in the vast landscape of possibilities.

Notable Words From The Episode: 

You have to strip the good out of your life to go for the great. – Josh Parish

Aiming at the right level for yourself, you have to be comfortable with a certain amount of failure.  – Terrie Schauer


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:38] Josh navigated diverse careers, including four years in real estate and over two decades coaching transformation.

[2:47] Josh discussed how he helps people bridge the gap between their conditioned identities and their true desires.

[06:07] Josh emphasizes the importance of self-analysis and self-improvement through the eight pillars of self

[10:51] Terrie  relates to the idea that one’s relationship with their physical body offers immediate control and choice.

[13:21] Josh advocates a personalized approach to self-improvement, focusing on identifying weaknesses, areas for growth and setting actionable goals.

[17:11] Josh reflects on the evolution of their identity through various life experiences, including social experiments and personal challenges.

[21:00] Josh describes their willingness to take significant risks and make sacrifices.

[25:40] Terrie and Josh  underscores the significance of letting go of certain aspects in life to pave the way for new opportunities.

[27:09] Terrie and Josh highlights the value of persistence when confronted with rejection.

[30:15] How to connect with Josh

[30:28] Podcast outro

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