The Foolproof Path to Wealth Isn’t What You Think
12 October 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

The Foolproof Path to Wealth Isn’t What You Think


In real estate investing, lack of financial literacy is deadly. Investors who don’t have a fundamental understanding of basic financial concepts like risk tolerance and return expectations are destined to make costly mistakes… or worse, to go bankrupt! 

But it’s not all doom and gloom — financial literacy is something that can be learned. 

In this episode, our guest Jonathan DeYoe, financial advisor and best-selling author of “Mindful Money”, tells us what mindfulness is all about and how to develop a better relationship with money and your investments. 

Enjoy listening! 

What we learned from Jonathan DeYoe in this episode:

  • Mindful Money: bridging the gap between investing and mindfulness.
  • The benefits of a diverse portfolio.
  • Why are we not taught how to manage our finances in school?
  • How to resist the temptation of handsome short-term returns.
  • The importance of getting financial education and maximizing free resources.

Success Quotes:

“You have to be mindful of aligning your financial life with the rest of your life.” -Jonathan DeYoe

“In real estate, you see less panic than you do in the stock market.” -Jonathan DeYoe


00:00 – Intro

01:22 – Jonathan shares his back story and his journey of starting his own company. 

04:21 – Jonathan talks about the link between investing and mindfulness.

09:12 – In light of the plummeting real estate market in Canada, what to do now?

12:41 – How speculation can affect your investment journey in major ways.

17:40 – As investors, why do we fall prey to the lure of handsome short-term returns?

24:45 – Jonathan shares the tips and tricks on how to master mindfulness — to be able to hack your mind and do the right thing in difficult situations. 

28:30 – Jonathan shares his last piece of advice. 

31:33 – Ways to connect with Jonathan.

32:23 – Outro 

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