Turn Mistakes into Opportunities in Real Estate Investing
8 December 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Turn Mistakes into Opportunities in Real Estate Investing


Can you invest in Real Estate without making expensive mistakes?

Our guest on this episode, Jared Henderson doesn’t think so. A Montreal native and investor active in Peterborough, Ontario, Jared has made his share of mistakes over his career. In fact, he believes that many more experienced investors do a disservice when they DON’T talk about what went wrong in their past deals.  

It’s unrealistic to think you can build your portfolio to its maximum potential, without breaking any eggs or losing any money. 

Currently, the market is down, while according to CMHC, Canada needs to build 3.5 million more homes by 2030 to keep up with the population growth in some of Canada’s large cities. For every real estate investor, this means two things, increased risk but also  opportunity! 

Don’t miss this episode on how to turn mistakes into opportunities! 

What we learned from Jared Henderson in this episode:

  • Is this the right time to invest in Ontario real estate?
  • The key strategies for building a portfolio of multiple residential mortgages.
  • Jared’s business model. 
  • The RIGHT lifestyle to have if you want to be a successful real estate investor.
  • How to get your other half involved in your real estate journey.

Success Quotes:

“In order to grow something significant, you have to keep reinvesting your money into the business without increasing your lifestyle.” -Jared Henderson

“It is incredibly important that your significant other is on board with what you’re doing.” -Jared Henderson

“If your vision is strong and you’re able to hold income property for a long period of time, you will receive the benefits which will outweigh all those obstacles along the way.” -Jared Henderson


00:00 – Intro

00:43 – Jared talks about a little bit about his journey through life that has led him to become a real estate investor.

03:28 – Jared explains how he became involved in the Ontario real estate market.

06:08 – Jared reveals his strategy for building a portfolio of multiple residential mortgages.

08:15 – Jared shares his business model in Peterborough.

15:11 – Jared talks about the lifestyle changes he had to make when he started his real estate investing career.

21:34 – Jared describes how he was able to get his significant other to support his real estate venture.

23:43 – Terrie and Jared recall their first ever deal which served as a learning experience. 

27:20 – Ways to connect with Jared Henderson. 

28:06 – Outro

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