Volatility & Capital Crunch? Here’s How to Survive
28 September 2022
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Volatility & Capital Crunch? Here’s How to Survive


In Canada, we’re now experiencing a big hurdle for real estate investors — inflation. 

The result: a huge hit for new investors as Canada’s average home price remains 4% lower year-over-year.

Rising mortgage rates spell a liquidity crisis. As selling and refinancing become more difficult, we’re witnessing access to capital dry up. What can we do to thrive in this environment? 

Listen to this episode as one of our favorite guests, Nick Slobodniuk, Senior Real Estate Broker at PMML (Patrice Ménard Multi-Logements) returns to the show. With his extensive-knowledge in the real estate industry, he will share with us the art of deal making in today’s market. 

Don’t miss this! 

What we learned from Nick Slobodniuk in this episode:

  • What’s with the current Quebec and Montreal real estate market?
  • How to find funding for your project despite the decrease in capital access.
  • What’s the good deal right now? (… a look at Nick’s expertise on how to find a good deal!) 
  • How to persuade more people to fund your project. 
  • The best ways to protect your assets from rising interest rates. 
  • How to sell your property in today’s market. 

Success Quotes:

“Right now you have to touch more and more people and be more prepared.”

“When you analyze real estate, you have to bring everything to the same denominator. So then opportunities are gonna stand out, because it’s gonna be easy and less ambiguous.”


00:00 – Intro

01:37 – Nick shares with us a little of his real estate journey. 

03:11- What’s it like being an associate at PMML?

04:47 – Nick provides his insights into the current Quebec and Montreal  real estate market.

08:57 – When access to capital has decreased, what’s the best move if you want to buy in today’s market? 

10:27 – What’s the good deal right now?

16:07 – Nick offers advice on what investors can do when assets are stuck and in need of more financing for new projects. (… Nick will also share his best practices on how to find a good deal!)

22:10 – As a real estate investor, how can you best protect your assets from rising interest rates?

25:14 – Nick offers advice to someone needing to sell an asset.

28:31 – Is there something that our industry should be talking about today that’s not on our radar? 

30:34 – Ways to connect with Nick Slobodniuk.

30:56 – Outro 

Connect with Nick Slobodniuk here: 



Email: nick@pmml.ca

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