Why Join a Landlord’s Association?
20 September 2023
By Jean-Philippe Claude

Why Join a Landlord’s Association?


Are you curious about the secrets of successful real estate investing?

Ever wondered how the American Apartment Owners Association (AOA) transformed itself into a one-stop hub for real estate investors?

But wait, are these American resources any good for our friends up north in Canada? Terrie investigates the applicability of AOA’s goodies to our primarily Canadian audience.

Hold tight, because Terrie and Alexandra have some exciting news! They unveil the launch of an education platform, offering top-notch real estate and property management courses.

Get ready, because this episode is loaded with valuable insights, advice, and candid discussions about the realm of real estate investment. Let’s kick things off!

What we learned from Alexandra and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • Unlock the Secret Formula to EXPLODING Your Portfolio Growth.
  • The Untapped Power of Cross-Border Learning – Your Passport to Success Awaits.
  • Don’t Miss Out on the Ultimate Time-Saving Hacks That Will Skyrocket Your Success.
  • Discover the Untold Secrets of Making Millions Through EDUCATION.
  • The Shocking Truth About How Networking Can Catapult You to Stardom.
  • The Mind-Blowing Truth About Reality vs. Social Media.

Notable Words From The Episode: 

I think the first thing is that if you’re looking at investing, invest in cross border, it’s a great way to wet your feet in the market, begin to make connections, have some educational resources, and build your knowledge in terms of what’s happening in the state. -Terrie Schauer

So if you are looking to grow, regardless of what market it is, I would say, look out for your own time. -Alexandra Alvarado


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:59]  Alexandra Alvarado discusses how the American Apartment Owners Association (AOA) has evolved to offer a wide range of resources for real estate investors.

[02:39]  Terrie discussed the applicability of the American Apartment Owners Association’s resources to a primarily Canadian audience.

[05:15] Alexandra explains that the American Apartment Owners Association (AOA) offers a wealth of free resources for those looking to invest in the US, 

[14:41] Terrie and Alexandra discussed the launch of an education platform offering real estate and property management courses.

[13:38] Terrie and Alexandra explained the importance of Canadians looking to the US real estate market for innovative trends and solutions.

[18:29] Alexandra  highlights the challenge faced by landlords who rapidly expand their property portfolios without delegating tasks.

[22:04] Alexandra discusses the challenges and complexities of real estate investment.

[26:10] Podcast Outro

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