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With the Club being the pioneer in the field, it is the perfect place to make your business known to real estate investors who need your products or services.

In order to fund its own activities, the Club offers the various real estate stakeholders many opportunities for gaining exposure, like carrying out promotions at monthly events. If operational profits are earned at these events, they will be handed over to the “Logeons nos familles Foundation”

Here are the benefits you will get as a corporate member:

  • An area will be provided for you to showcase your products and/or services at monthly networking events.
  • Free access for 75 participants to the Montreal monthly networking events. Worth $1500
  • 10% discount on tailor-made training

Some of these events sometimes host more than 200 people in Montreal

In addition, you could benefit from the following perks:

  • The possibility of presenting a capsule at the monthly networking events.
  • The chance to be mentioned when sending a newsletter.
  • The privilege of becoming a sponsor.

Annual membership fees:

Montreal: $750 + taxes

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