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Do you need financial assistance?

Do you know anyone whose life would change if he/she received a year’s worth of free rents?

REIC is very pleased to give families the opportunity to pay their rent for one year (up to a maximum of $7 000), enough to get one’s life back on track or to get the boost needed to go through those difficult moments in life.

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Social assistance providers can benefit from this grant without affecting their services since we pay the rent directly to the landlord. So this is not income.


One year of accommodation paid free of charge to a family domiciled and residing in the province of Quebec, up to a maximum of $7,000.00 for the year. The rent will be paid directly to the owner of the building in question. A duly drafted lease will have to be signed by all parties.

The programme is open at all times. As soon as we have a certain number of registered families, we will meet with the families in order to do a selection.

Eligibility Requirements:


  • Decision-making authority shall be obtained by a majority of votes for internal processes of administration, assessment, analysis and all decision-taking, etc.;
  • The Committee must always be made up of an odd number;
  • Members of the Committee should neither have any conflict of interest, nor family or friendly connection with families;
  • When a member of the Committee is absent, he or she shall be replaced by the acting member chosen by all the members of the committee and already provided for this purpose;
  • The Committee will have to make a first selection with respect to the documents received and according to its assessment;
  • In all cases where false declarations and/or erroneous statements by participating families are discovered, they will be automatically and systematically disqualified without the possibility of withdrawal, and without further notice or delay;
  • In case the families do not provide all the mandatory documents, they will be automatically and systematically disqualified without further notice or delay;

Members of the Committee:

Chairperson: Yvan Cournoyer, President of the Real Estate Investors Club of Quebec
Vice-Chair: Mrs. Lise Lantin, Vice president of the Real Estate Investors Club of Quebec
Secretary: Jacques Lépine, Founder of the Real Estate Investors Club of Quebec

Description of the Committee’s tasks:

  1. The Committee shall promote the “Accommodate our families” competition and duly represent the Real Estate Investors Club of Quebec by portraying a professional image in conformity with this Non-profit Organisation (NPO);
  2. The Committee shall carry out the assessment and analysis of all family registrations and shall do a pre-selection by retaining a maximum number of ten (10) families;
  3. The Committee shall review and assess all submitted documents according to the internal evaluation matrix provided for assessing the participants;
  4. The committee shall conduct inquiries as stipulated in the eligibility requirements;
  5. The committee shall select a maximum of ten (10) families according to the eligibility criteria.
  6. At the time of the encounter scheduled for a maximum of ten (10) families, meetings of not more than ten (10) minutes each shall be allocated to each family and they shall use this time to defend their position and reasons for registering in the competition;
  7. The committee shall propose the final participating families;

You will also have to attach a letter (not exceeding one 8½ x 11 page) describing the achievement of an ongoing project and demonstrating your ability and motivation to carry out the project and why your family should be chosen.

Send your completed form and accompanying documents to:
Mde. Lise Lantin: 700, boul. Curé-Poirier Ouest, bureau 201, Longueuil, Qc, J4J 2J2

Fondation Logeons nos familles – ClubImmobilier.ca