Personalized support

Real Estate Support Services

Stop relying on your brother-in-law. Deal with people who make a living in real estate and who have agreed to share their knowledge.

Thus, just one advice from a consultation that you will use can be worth a lot of money, help you considerably during a potential transaction and avoid costly mistakes. Real estate is not a complicated field but it’s not easy, especially in recent years. This professional service is provided in order to help you buy better. The advice is objective, clear, and relevant.

Have in mind that in real estate, every decision is important and there is little room for errors. It is also said that a great success is made up of a series of small successes; be it in completing your studies, updating your knowledge, finding additional motivation to move forward, getting personalised advice, validating your real estate investment project, or adjusting a purchase offer. Support services are diverse. Can you afford to do without it? A favour to be done for you that can be worth thousands of dollars in profit! Take advantage of the expertise of our pros, save time and get rich.

Pros at your service!

These services are provided by a coach approved by the Club: David Powell.

Act while others are thinking “this is not the right time”. The best time to buy is now!

Our rate (one consecutive hour of consultation)

Personalized support by David Powell for 250$ + tx.

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  • Support is usually provided by phone.
  • If a trip is required, travel costs are $50 per hour + $0.50/km + taxes for a round-trip travel. The price for your support bundle shall apply once there.
  • The hours of support and bundles are payable in advance by credit card.