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The Real Estate Investor’s Club brings you a podcast about all things Real Estate. 

We believe that knowledge is power, and that you can leverage intellectual capital for financial success. 

The Investor’s Club Podcast will help you increase your bottom line by levelling up your Real Estate knowledge. Improve your investing game with : 

  • Tips for landlords, advanced and rookie
  • Information about real estate financing, from the conventional to the creative
  • Hacks for closing good deals
  • Tools to cultivate a success-mindset
  • An insider view on the Montreal/Quebec/Canadian Real Estate markets

The Format :

Your hosts Jean-Philippe Claude and Terrie Schauer speak with expert guests, teasing out the main points of their research and experience. 

We want to help you make informed decisions when you act in the Real Estate market. To make sure you get the highest quality information, we are also committed to testing our guests ideas through lively debate. 

Each episode starts with the guest developing their ideas in a long-form conversation, followed by a Q&A session with a devil’s advocate.   

Available Podcasts:

In this round table discussion Terrie, JP and tech-savvy Real Estate investor Charles Andre Fullum share their advice on how to leverage technology in the Real Estate field.

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Terrie & JP speak with Daniel Cerulli (DIRECTOR) at Westmount Capital to help shed some light on how private banking can fit into the game-plan for real estate investors.

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What’s going on in Canadian mortgage lending ecosystem? How are fiscal and monetary policy framing financing at this point in the pandemic? Terrie & JP interview Christian Pomerleau, multi-residential mortgage specialist.

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Terrie Schauer & JP Claude interview Yury Shupilov, a real estate investor active in the Montreal market.

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Terrie Schauer & JP Claude talk short-term rentals with Frederic Aouad, Sales Director of Stay22

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Terrie Schauer & JP Claude talk to Dave Dubeau, long-time investor, and expert in raising capital through joint venture partnership

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Terrie Schauer & JP Claude talk to Mark Levy, a CPA whose firm specializes in tax planning and accounting for local small businesses and Real Estate investors.

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Pandemic Property Management with Terrie Schauer & JP Claude

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